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Alexandru Dorin Nica

Alexandru Dorin is a:

Member ID: M278423
Genres: Rock
Joined: 22 Dec, 2021
City: Dâmbovița
Country: Romania
Looking For: Musicians, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Publishing deal
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: $200 per day
Experience: Intermediate

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I'm a songwriter who wants others to record my songs.
I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I'm a romanian lyricist. I started writing lyrics since 13 years ago, I graduated Arts & Jobs school. My type of songs are rock ballads. I can also make melodic lines for my lyrics with help from backing track instrumentals and record them with my voice. I wrote 25 songs and split them in two albums, first one I named it Crystal Hearts and the second True Colours. One of my songs I wrote with my girlfriend from Japan and she sang it on Yokohama stage at Brave Bar. I hope I'll find a good band or singer here, have a great time everybody ☺️

Dreams and ambitions:
My dreams are for the music I create to be heard and my ambitions are to get to the top. I wish my music could make the band or the singer that desires to sing it, greater than they are.

Sample lyrics:

Emotions -

Emotions, come back to life, by the summer of hearts, the song of your smile, dreaming far into the night

...Filling the oceans, wrapped in a kiss

I'm rising like the sun, I traveled the mountains, into a kiss that lightens all our dreams

I traveled the oceans and the oceans are back, you are the laugh into my sweetest dreams

I traveled the oceans to get to your sun,
You are the one that lightens all my dreams

You left me behind, when I stepped in silence,
You left me behind, when I lost all control

But now you realise, my heart belongs to the essence of the waves of the sun

I traveled so far,
to get to you, 
the sweetest dreams are, coming back to life

You are the sunshine melting tears, 
You are the ocean that failed to lie

You are the mountains, that I climbed so high, 
You are the seas that,
Traveled through the time

You are the essence of my, soul that traveled so far, 
Into the endless time,
I climbed so far, wake into the endless time

Time still rusting all our, dreams left behind,
You are the fortune of my heart

You are the dream that, takes me to the past,
You are the mountain that I climbed so far

So many times, I've traveled  , through your island of life, island of souls 

...Island of life that gathers the fragments of my soul, that fights for your light... that fights for your life.