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Hi my name is Noah I'm 30 and from bay City, michigan.i had a dream to become a artist,it all started when I was 12 listening to lil bow wow in are little trailer house I thought it was cool for a young kid making all this money and taken care of his family,that's what I wanted we grew up really poor and one day my mom was crying we barely had food in the cupboards and we barely got the bills paid and my mom was working 2 jobs and we still were barely getting by.so that one day my mom was crying I told my mother don't worry I'm gonna get rich one day and I'm going to take care of the family my mother smiled and gave me a big hug and smiled.well I have the time I put my name in the trailer parks newsletter for mowing grass I had five yards I had to take care of every week so I didn't have time to worry about getting famous I was too busy working. At the age of 28-29 Kane Brown and Sam Hunt came out I fell in love with the country and r&b music put together I fell in love,so I got back in to singing while I'm trying to find myself my sister got diagnosed with MS now we're back to square one my sister's now having a hard time making ends meet my mom still struggling I became homeless living underneath the bridge for a whole year and still homeless trying to fill out my promises to my mother when I was 11.so now I stay under a bridge wishing on a miracle and trying to fill my promises and dreams.

Dreams and ambitions:
My dreams is to make my family proud get out underneath the bridge pay for my sisters medical bills and help take care of my mother and don't see them cry anymore, I want to become a country/r&b singer got that country voice and a little bit of r&b rap vocals I got a dream and I'm going to fulfill it one day none of my family has to go through any pain.