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Joined: 2 Feb, 2020
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I have loved writing since I was young - (always promised myself that one day 'I'd write that book')...Well having now been lucky enough to retire early and have time on my hands, I've discovered that writing for another prolific passion of mine - Namely MUSIC, seems much more fun, so I'm giving it a go. I consider myself a good lyricist who pays attention to alliteration, good hooks and telling a story in my songs. I grew up listening to 60's/70's/80's music but also love Indie, EDM and House too - In other words I find that having an eclectic taste, means I can be quite flexible in my writing style. Who has influenced me? - Well that list has to include the following to name but a few: Lennon & McCartney, Bernie Taupin & Elton John, Jeff Lynne, David Bowie, Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons, John Miles. Below is a link to some of my lyrics, currently listed with Songbay >

Dreams and ambitions:
Firstly The Good - I consider myself a very competent lyricist who pays attention to alliteration, good hooks and telling a story in my songs....Next, The Bad - I'm (currently) unable to write/play the music to my tracks, HOWEVER I am in the purgatory world experienced by many lyricists, where I can clearly hear the melody & rhythm etc to my songs inside my head (This is how I develop and write most of my material) but am unable to write/play the actual score. I'm therefore looking to team up with an understanding musician/producer who I can collaborate with me to take things forward. I love nearly all genres of music and as I have progressed in my lyric writing, I am finding that my song styles are reflecting this - So far I have confidently written songs suitable for Pop, Indie, Rock, Metal, Swing and Soul tracks, all of which I enjoy. Looking forward to connecting with you - Thanks so much for reading my profile.