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Hi, I'm Ricky Mellish, a go hard or go home, super ambitious and extremely motivated lyricist with a hunger to make as much music as possible for the next 40+ years. Based in Coventry, UK. I don't care where anyone lives as my work can be done online, we dont need to meet to work together but I'm more than happy to, I'm a sociable guy, up for a laugh and hoping that whoever I end up working with will be a future friend, as well as a business partner/ musical collaborator etc So if you want to make great music, I'm here to work and here to provide lyrics to singers and producers everywhere. I will draft and redraft, over and over again until I get perfection. Send me a message and let's get started Sincerely Ricky Mellish

Dreams and ambitions:
I'm a lyricist at heart with a strong passion, also, for stand-up comedy, or just comedy in general. Medicines don't work for me unless it's laughter or music! My dreams and ambitions revolve wholeheartedly on creating music and comedy for the world, I guess I want to be a medic for the soul, a healer, so to speak. I've had one small success/ accomplishment in finding a singer and producers to hear me out and eventually record a song I wrote the lyrics for. Hearing that song being sung by strangers was when I realised how powerful that feeling really is, the reason anyone would dive into the music industry and go through all the hard work to get people singing their songs. I want that feeling on repeat to keep me mentally happy for the rest of my life. My wife and daughter make me happy, of course, but in reality I need more than that, I need to create a legacy, and to get paid whilst doing it would mean the world to me as I would love to do it as a full time career and quit my dull, soul destroying job.

Sample lyrics:

Waking up from a dream to face reality 
Being part of a metaphor falling from the apple tree 
Is this life 
I guess I never really fell too far 
Beat myself up got a mindful of scars 
Is this life 
A shed load of lyrics full of rage 
Door bursts open got a garden full of page 
Reverse and rephrase i want a lyrics full of stage 
Is this life