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Genres: Electronic, Hip-hop, Indie, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock, Techno
Joined: 20 May, 2021
Charges for services: No

I am a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I am a composer/producer looking for lyrics to be sung over my music.

I originally created total-kaos because I got tired of trying to create raps and songs to my favorite music , I realized if I do this, so do others and also need open music to create lyrics or melodies to .something long I am so tried of hearing 3 min music if it is amazing ,let it flow , So I decided to learn the technology and make my own new favorite music .that while I’m driving or in the shower , I can play them and create lyrics , melodies , I spent about a week figuring out what I need to learn .then on March 13th 2021 .I created my first song .Thank you Trent Reznor . The reason for this is I originally came from a rap background at 13 . But then one day I heard and bought pretty hate machine .I was in amazement! Something new and different. Then I found out that he made it all himself .I was in disbelief , how ? I might have been 16 at the time .I told myself after learning this that one day I will do the same thing .but then I let 30 years go by where I did nothing with music .I love all music and always created melodies in my head . Then COVID! .stuck in the house .I kept thinking I should start .but another year went by ..until finally I said enough is enough .learn everything you can as fast as you can .you are so far behind that you need to catch up .create as much as you can ! Thats when beast mode took over ! Now it’s like a drug , 2 months I can’t stop , I need to create everyday !, and something clicked inside ,like a switch , I don’t hear music how I use to anymore .my brain focuses on every sound being played . I hear music in a new way. Anyway long story short . You are welcome to listen to my music on SoundCloud , create your own masterpieces . And when you think you have something awesome . Hit me up and let’s collaborate. I can change anything and everything so that if we collaborate it’s the best version . If you want to use my music for other things as well , cool ! I would love to hear it or see it . Let’s take over the wo

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to one day become a super producer / performer open a studio and help people like myself , just starting out ,create unique styles of music ,something no one has heard before . Also work with different artists known or not and all genres of music .I am a movie fanatic my whole life and would love to hear my music in film or an amazing series one day . A person can dream right? Haha I have very little social media presence right now .I am not into social media really .I would rather spend my time creating music , but I realize I will need to do it one day soon . Maybe get help with that part as well . I produce my music and record it live . So I was told I should start performing on twitch in the future . That is a possibility. I am really looking forward to hearing from people about my music . One thing I realized is ,it is difficult when you decide to start making music . When None of your friends do anything musical , there is nobody to relate to or talk with about your music , nobody really cares !