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Eliza Oquaye

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Member ID: M235556
Genres: Electronic, Pop, R&B
Joined: 10 Jul, 2021
Country: United States
Charges for services: No

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Singer songwriter looking for producers who need lyrics and a voice over their tracks! My style is soulful pop like TLC mixed with Dua Lipa. I think the world needs more dancing but I'm definitely not against a ballad or anthem either! My soul just needs to sing and create and I'm hoping to make connections and collab with other artists to hopefully help each other express our ideas to fullest in the real world!

Dreams and ambitions:
My top goals: Finish an EP Gain some regular listeners Create a music video The ultimate dream is to make a good living creating music and spreading it around the world! Honestly, I am not good with social media, promoting myself, etc.... So, I feel like I'm really behind in learning to those things...I don't have any sort of following which I know has to happen for any success but I just have a dream of making music that will really just connect somehow and take off! And maybe with the right collab we can do it together!!!