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Dilly Peiris

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Genres: Country, Pop
Joined: 16 Aug, 2021
Country: Sri Lanka
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I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I'm a lyricist. I have a pretty good collection of songs on overall love & heartbreak. If you are a singer/ composer looking for a lyricist to create some amazing music with, I'm in!

Dreams and ambitions:
I would love to share my words with the world in the form of song and make people fall in love with it. My aim is to be a part of creating epic, masterpieces someday similar to Creep, Hey there Delilah, Stay by Rihanna etc. - amazing songs that can simply sink your heart to your feet.

Sample lyrics:

Song Title - When You Call Me Beautiful

It takes me back to that time in your car
Every time I hear maroon 5 tunes
Love those little special notes we passed
When we were together time flew
Do you look back and wonder if we could’ve been more?
Cuz not going to lie, I sometimes do

Guess there isn’t much to say, since we parted ways...

Would you really believe me if I told you,
I’m sorry for not being real with you?
Would you call me shallow if I told you,
I like it too much when you call me beautiful?
Would you more than like me back if I told you,
I “more than like” you too?

Cuz I like it way too much, when you call me, beautiful…

(This is only a part of the song. If you would like to work on the full song with me, do reach out!)