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Matt Mclendon

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Genres: Classical, Country, Oldies, Pop, Rock
Joined: 9 Jun, 2021
Country: United States
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I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I am of limited talent but for some reason I have been trying my hand writing words. Most of what I write ends up being trashed. Every now and then I manage to write something worth for a composer to consider. I mostly write worship songs (solo) and do find congregational hymns more challenging to write but I'm not giving up. A lot of times I write a treatment/concept and seek collaboration to make a God honoring song. I work with handicapped and disabled people and when I have free time, I would be jotting down some ideas. I live in Keene/Swanzey, NH

Dreams and ambitions:
Very simple: I just want to be with people who sing , write, compose so we can provide to churches that have a high view of God new worship music that communicates the theology revealed to us in song. I'm not in the business of trying to make it pay. I just want to create songs for churches all over to sing based on Scripture. I hope to team up with like minded people who want to worship God and not try to make a name for themselves.

Sample lyrics:

 My Heart, Your Voice
> All of creation sings of Your Majesty
> But not all songs come from a voice
> Nature has its way reflecting you
> Your designs are of Your choice
> And I simply want to say
> As I kneel to pray
> Create in me a clean heart
> Give it a voice to sing Your praise
> Make my heart Your voice