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Jerry DeMara

Joined: 7 Nov, 2018
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I am a multi-instrumentalist with decades of experience with guitar as my primary compositional instrument. While I write lyrics occasionally (see below), I most enjoy creating chordal melodies and advanced harmonic progressions for other’s lyrics within the jazz, blues, country and rock genres. I am financially self-sufficient and compose/arrange/record in my home studio in the foothills of the Pennsylvania mountains. I can be contacted via e-mail at Best, Jerry.

Sample lyrics:

Lyric-Sleep to Wake (J. DeMara)

I recall walking in an endless field
Stars strewn across an ancient sky
Pondering myths, legends and tales of grandeur
Recasting space and interleaving time.

While glancing to my left to my right a bird took flight
Throwing it\\\'s shadow on the moon
A weak-winged young sparrows escape of winter
Betrayed by a passing moon.

My thoughts turned from self to a realization
I have lived this life before
A dialogue the epilogue of my wisdom
Of what to God might I implore?

As winter turns to spring the oceans tide turns toward
The task of washing clean its banks again
If stars reflect the grains of sand on a beach removed
The earth reflects a mote of dust near heaven.

I lift my arms toward the sky out reaching
To cradle in my heart the night
As darkness lifted dawns light shifted scattering color
The Milky Way surrendered then took flight.

My thoughts turned again this time to my children so clear
An image that my breath did take
I felt their breath upon my cheek the beating of their hearts
As I slipped from sleep to wake.