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Worked on Major Creative Visual Advertising Campaigns in NYC, New York Award winning photography Studio for 20 years, My 3rd dimension is my Lyrics . I have a sixth sense of the right words at the right time. My simplicity and economy of words, are from my Heart, Direct with Sensitivity & Humor. I collaborate with the music writer. Find out what feeling they had when they wrote it. What statement they want to say.Their personality, idiosyncrasy & subtle nuances as a person. I become them. I am their vessel. Then I create a story in words coming from their heart and their emotions. Word Styles Themes: Love, Fun Words, Country, Tween, Happy, Hip Hop . I then put my creative magic to work.

Dreams and ambitions:
I have worked on the biggest NYC platforms in visual creative with the creative geniuses who have built the evolution of todays advertising . Largest Ad Agencies on the Biggest Accounts. I visualize myself to be on top with my lyrical abilities. My lyrics are not from my head. They are from your heart. I am your vessel. I get to know who you are and what you want to say and then I deliver.