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Genres: Country, Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 26 Feb, 2021
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I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

My literary motivation has been from the hearts of popular folk songwriters from my teen years, the sixties, to the present day. Major influences in my writing go back to Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan and artists such as John Prine and Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Jeff Walker and Tom Waits and just so many others. I appreciate the underrated who give subtle voice and sincerity that belies the monotony of the ever-popular chants and slogans we get from the crowds. To the point, I appreciate the popular culture, the less popular poets, and the unnamed many who contribute to the creative arts with ever spontaneous thought. In humbling anxiety, I await your creative originality, wherever you may find it. Sincerely, Dutch.

Dreams and ambitions:
Now that I am retired I have returned to composing poetry and the love of songwriting I nurtured in my younger days. I have never given it up but in my younger days, responsibilities in my life necessitated that I put down my pen, pick up the car keys and go to work. The literary heroes in my life have been the popular songwriters of the folk genre and common sense poets such as Rod McKuen and Shel Silverstein. There are many powerful voices comprising the major winds directing my creative ambition. I look forward to meeting someone who can put my lyrics to music and together can find the proper venue to publicize our songs. I am a writer carving in wood as opposed to granite. I'm open-minded, all about changes.

Sample lyrics:

I Can Feel You

I can feel you beside me you’re nowhere in sight
you’re the rain all around me that’s falling at night. 
I turn my face toward a light in the sky
just to catch and caress your embrace dropping by.
I remember you gladly young and vivacious
our pleasures have kept my old passions renewed.
O, so perfect in form were my favorite places.
those memories summon recalling my youth.
I have heard tell the language of heaven is joy
And paradise His final word.
As I offer my praises with gladness of mind
May my heart sing of you in the hymns I have heard.

You’re the One

You’re the one that I admire most in all the world 
when you found me long ago
I knew you were my girl.
Looking through your eyes I see
who we have each become
we’ve grown into the best of friends
we both have become one.
Showing up so youthful I never will forget
my favorite day of all is the time when we first met.
When loving hands took us by the heart to lead us home
you know, my favorite part is that we’re nevermore alone.
The images we love the most 
are memories soon passed.
We went after each adventure
as if each would be our last.
I’ve read of paradise and how
we’ll be the perfect age
what a joy to sing out praises
I’m a bird who’s left the cage.


I believe in things becoming better than they were
every loving heart will clasp our hands and take us home.
All the things we’re hoping, what we hear and have not seen,
are what we’re looking forward to believing on our own.
We are building lives upon the Father of advice
our plans begin and end upon His loving sacrifice.
Since He gave His life for ours we’ll follow His design
in the hope His mercy fulfills our hearts and minds.
The substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.
By faith, we know that worlds were framed by the Word of God.
All the things we’re hoping, what we hear and have not seen,
are what we’re looking forward to believing on our own.