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Joined: 25 Nov, 2020
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I have been singing since I was little and writing songs since the age of 13. I sang for a few years on the hotel scene but original music has always been my passion. While I did try for many years to sing and record my music, the reach in my country is not very far being from the Caribbean and not being lucky enough to make the right contacts. Now, I hope that I can write for others.

Dreams and ambitions:
I hope to write for current artists one day.

Sample lyrics:

I can't count the times you said to me
"My relationships going nowhere."
Do you remember the night, my ex and I had a fight?
You're the one that got me outta there.
Oh, it's always you and me, faithfully
There to hold a hand.
But I can not wait, anymore
And I take this stand.

Today's already gone
I won't wait forever
Until you're ready to be with me.
From the moment we met
You always said
"Maybe, we were just meant to be."
But I won't anymore, standing alone
While you play the field.
So I'm letting you know, before I go
Letting you know....
I won't wait anymore!