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Jack Sullivan

Jack is a:

Member ID: M275041
Genres: Electronic, Indie, Jazz, Pop, Rock
Joined: 3 Dec, 2021
City: Manchester
Country: United Kingdom
Looking For: Lyricists, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Independent release, Sync placement
Charges for services: No
Experience: Intermediate

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Hi, I'm Jack and I've begun the process of writing my first musical, at heart I'm a composer and instrumentalist and so have hit a wall with lyrics and am looking for a lyricist/singer to collaborate with. This project is big and I would love to collaborate with one person the whole way, if this is something that interests you please contact me! A little about me, I studied Popular Music and Recording at the University of Salford in England (specialising in Composition and Audio for Media). Since graduating I have lived in Tokyo, a trip that began as an adventure and became life as I settled, because of this, and the state of the world right now, of course our collaboration would have to be nearly all online. I fell in love with musical theatre during university, as a teenager my focuses were on Rock and Metal, this shifted into a great appreciation for Jazz and electronic music when at university. I guess I've developed an eclectic taste in music, but the arrogance of that statement doesn't sit right with me either. Anyway, that's basically me. I've written sitcom themes, BGM for documentaries(mainly nature), orchestral scores for short films and my own personal projects into ambient music (Brian Eno, Harold Budd et al). Outside of my own musical project I would jump at the chance to work with anyone should you require someone someone like me, please feel free to drop me a message:)

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream would to have written a show that, well doesn't have to be too successful, but if it were to gain the praise of a Stephen Schwartz, Andrew Lloyd Webber, a legend of the field and master of their craft, that's the dream isn't it?