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#UpcomingFemcee #Lyricist I am inspired by what I feel that then makes me write I constantly have a beat in my head it changes by what emotions I feel! Dark twisted instrumental beats inspire me, i was poetic when I was younger now I\'m psychotic in my writing. UK based write about situations so I follow what I\'m hearing and feeling when writing. Lyricist who lives and breathes the world of music. Saying that I\'d probably die wearing earphones and a pen and paper. I\'ve been writing for years, inspired by deep, dark, heavy beats. I can write about anything rhymes, bars, hooks, softer more acoustic verses. I did write a charity song for the Syrian war crisis but it hasn\'t been released yet though I\'m open to offers and would gladly come forward to work with people on it. Though I\'ve only just got things started I wrote I verse-chorus.com I\'m looking to write with/for people. I\'m working on a project with Greg Cormier #Ekoh from Canada @GregCormier1. He creates music so I Sent him over some of my lyrics over. It\'s my very first project in music and when it\'s done it\'ll be released by the end of the year. I\'m also looking to collaborate with other artists and network with them. if you want to contact me with any questions and ideas feel free to email me. Twitter.com/mc_lyricist