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Member ID: M246589
Genres: Indie, Jazz, Rock
Joined: 15 Aug, 2021
Country: Russia
Charges for services: No

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I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I write lyrics, but can’t sing or play an instrument or make music professionally. (Tried but it was not serious) Melody comes to me, but I would rather give a text to someone who is good at music;) Have some texts that would fit Rock/pop-rock/grunge and other songs that seem more for jazz. By the way I work in a bank and have nothing to do with music industry) my favorite bands are Nirvana, Amy Winehouse, Placebo, sum41, Muse ( born in the 90s as you can guess). I live in Russia now, have lived in the UK for a year for mathematical finance studies;)

Dreams and ambitions:
My text sang by a rock band and heard by people.