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Mirna Marina


Joined: 31 Jan, 2021
Charges for services: No


Hi guys!Im from Bosnia&Herzegovina.I'm singer and songwriter and now I'm learning to make music for songs.I want to make career like singer.Also I wrote latin songs in spanish and spanish.If you're looking for someone to collaborate I'm here!✊Genre I love are ballades,pop,and latin.

Dreams and ambitions:
I want to live in another country to make some good career with my music.Music is my passion and that fullfils me as a person.That is my inspiration!

Sample lyrics:

Spanish song:
Sal Marina
Para mi el mar es mas que un sueno
Ahi es donde me encuentro
Asi que cuando me veas estoy de vuelta
Sentiras la sal marina
Veras el sol en mis ojos
El viento en mi pelo
Y sal marina en mis labios🌊

Tu eres mi destino
Tienez un corazon hermos
Tienes todo lo que quiero
Tan perfecto,tan mio 
Tu eres mi destino🌙