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I’m a published poet. I have work in five books, Anthologies and to many Ezines to mention. I have been approached and told my work should be set to music. I actively write lyrics and am taking classes to perfect my songwriting ability. I hate uniform writing. I get a feeling, I write it. I hear a great tune, I write lyrics to it. I see things as I drive by, I write about it. I write about any subject. I’m very good at rhyming non conventional words. But am excellent at free verse. Trying to learn the fundamentals of songwriting as an art. The passion and ideas are natural, the pesky songwriting rules are not, yet. Yes, I am a rebel, but Aquarian’s are known for their artist flairs and sense of humor. Anyone wanting to try and compose and/or co-write with me, as Freddie Mercury said: Just give me call (thru here of course) my motto: I am what I am, say what I say, do what I do. With no apology.