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Lynne (with my husband Jack, G Macleod

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Genres: Indie, K-pop, Pop
Joined: 8 Oct, 2021
Country: United States
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October 8, 2021 Hi Larry!! We are very excited to have located you /your production/other company on verse-chorus.com!!!! Since we have extensive experience in both writing and music - we definitely Believe we will be a great fit for your production/company/other!!!! We (myself, my husband JackG and Jack’s teddy Bear) have written over 74 songs we have composed and lyrics also. In addition we have several songs we have self - penned and recorded (keyboard and vocals) on MP3's. We are #1 awesome singer-songwriters who will do whatever is required music and song-related to make our songs #1 hits . (working with you, etc.) In addition, we are flexible, responsible, loyal, ambitious and educated !!!! - we have our B.A. degree from Calif. Institute of The Arts. We are very interested in Long-term work with you/other - and will do whatever is needed to make this happen!!!! Please select us as one of your collaborators if swingable - and especially a production deal!!!! We will be very appreciative and grateful If chosen to write with you /other. Also, we are #1 awesome singers, songwriters and musicians and lyricists who have dreams of soaring to the top of the music charts!!!!! . We are looking forward to working remotely with you if swingable. May all of your dreams come true immediately!!!! Please email us immediately - today . We believe in you and believe you will make our songs and lyrics (more songs and lyrics are available for you to listen to/other.) happen for us - and let's all soar to the charts together!!!!! You are awesome and loved!!!! We admire you for your music/recording/production/other skills - and every more during COVID - to be bringing the joy of music to millions of people everywhere!!!! Love, Lynne Macleod, with my husband JackG And Jack’s teddy bear!!!! I may just collaborate/record/sing/write songs w/ my husband JackG and JTBear!

Dreams and ambitions:
We are #1 awesome singer-songwriters/singers/lyricists and musicians who want to soar to the top of the music charts.!!!!! We will do whatever is required music-related to make this happen!!!!!



Uploaded October 8, 2021