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I'm an aspiring Lyricist/Songwriter from South Africa. I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember. Music comes naturally to me, I taught myself to write songs without any musical aid but I can also write to beats. I don't do a specific genre, I enjoy being versatile and that's what I call modern music. My dreams are currently on hold because I can't afford studio sessions.

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to start a career as a lyricist/songwriter. Short-term goal: Set up a home studio. Learn a few tricks about music production.

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Sample lyrics:
Title: Positive word Mine is word it's positive. Oh mine is word it's positive. Verse 1 Why are you being negative. Is it just a way that you grew or the way that you see things? They say face reality. Why not believe your dream will come true? ×2 What is there for me confusion underway No no We've been to too many places feeding on wise words. Just the way that we live and hoping to catch our next ride. Mine is word it's positive. Oh mine is word it's positive Verse 2 Deep inside your heart you know you did pretty well, but you have someone who feels otherwise. Oh oh They went through it all to get where they are, but you are not given the chance to showcase your truth. And now you're really scared is it pressure mode mmm... A chance to live again is now, there is no tomorrow. There is no other way, change is here. Nobody said it will be easy a chance to live is here oho. Title: I’m falling inlove with someone else Verse 1 It was only yesterday when you got shot. That got your mama calling and telling me how much of a bad woman I am. I asked her mom why would say such a thing. She told me you’re with my son and you don’t know he got shot. You always come back home covered in blood and I have to clean you up. We got people calling home asking for their money and I have to pay it up. Chorus I’m falling in love with someone else. Whatever I do whatever I say you don’t listen you don’t listen to me.×2 Verse 2 Now you got into bad business with Georgia and now he wants to kill me and my children. I regret the day I met you and the choice I made to be with you. Now I’m sitting here with my children who are asking me whether their father is a criminal. One came across a gun and asked me how do I use this I said I don’t know. Chorus I tell you how much of a bad company your friends are but you don’t want to hear it all.