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Kavin Kavin

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Genres: Country, Electronic, Indie, Pop, R&B
Joined: 4 Jun, 2021
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Hi I am Kavin from India, I am 15 years old. I am interested in writing poetry and have already completed a poem collection and have sent it to traditional publishers. I also write song lyrics and have written a whole album myself. If anybody wants lyrics, I am there. Lyrics that are socially conscious;lyrics about social imbalances, emotional withdrawal and healing, finding life's meaning,God, etc. I don't write about love and lust as I write what I experience. If any singer has his/her own story, I will convert them into lyrics. If any body needs a concept album, I am ready to write and give them.Only condition is, if they send a perfect tune for a song, I will reply them with perfect lyrics within 24 hrs.

Dreams and ambitions:

Sample lyrics:

Unless or until I open up my soul,existence 

is individual. 

So I opened it up like a ritual.

But like dusk and dawn, they were gone as the

shadow was cool and not the fruit.

Bare thrones than illegitimate heirs.

Opinions as they lack participation.

Healing is irresistible for an exposed wound.

But for me there are multitudes. 

They are growing like Blake's anger and temper, 

he bore an apple for enemy's danger, 

But my foe is my own mind, 

trees are full of sour sick limes. 

 Like an ancient statue rusting on the ocean floor,

had history but lost glory, 

In funerals hand covered mouth had a smile,insanity.

but expressions don't validate reality.

Pushed into celebration mode, 

felt like an illegitimate child of happiness.

Autumn leaves and armpit sweat,

Train destined for success is where my self disappeared, 

ended up like a saint living for God of lies, 

Hair is now driven to the directions of air.

It still lacks to hold fast to its will,

like expectations while meeting fate.