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Bernard Morris


Joined: 16 Sep, 2020
Country: United Kingdom
Charges for services: No


I re-write the lyrics to famous songs and would like to collaborate with a composer and musician who could change the original tune.

Sample lyrics:

© Bernard Morris 2021


They’re filling graveyards with the virus
There’s panic all over town
The ‘roaches will survive us
The planet will close down
Here comes the gloved practitioner
He cannot take a chance
The wards and morgues are chocker
No surgeons and no transplants
And the population’s restless
They need somewhere to go
But they’ve been told by the Government
To stay in Isolation Row

The arrows in the shopping mall
They’re pointing all one way
The customers don’t like it
They long for yesterday
When they could go down any aisle
And not be afraid to walk
And there was no such thing as a mask on their face
To stop them from having a talk
It’s very sad when you look at them
They were happy long ago
But now they’re sad and lonely
In Isolation Row

Stay at home if you’re feeling wheezy
The number you know what to dial
To ignore the advice it’s so easy
But it’s not worthwhile
We must stop the spread of this virus
Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough
This disease is not desirous
If someone walks towards you back-off
For the only sound that’s left
After the ambulances go
Is the ones who are left behind
In Isolation Row

Now Boris is almost hidden
He seems to always hide
He’s left his team to brief us all
Himself he’s gone inside
Nobody knows what’s going on
The rules have caused confusion
But one thing’s for sure
After ten long months
We’ve come to a conclusion
The country would be better off
This is a fact we know
If this Government shut up and stayed
In Isolation Row