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Joined: 9 Nov, 2019
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I'm the lyricist. I can write lyrics for your music. My lyrics:

Sample lyrics:

Let s fly

Do you wake up, dear my friend?
Sun just asks me, pouring a flat.
Morning is not waiting for you.
Sky is clear and deeper blue.

Hurry jump to a magic world.
A dream is flying like a bird.
Everybody wants to get it.
They suggest you only to sleep.

Hey, let us fly away.
Who is on half of path.
Who is late wants to fly away
bringing light in their eyes.

Day is smiling only for you.
Hurry up to choose your shoes.
Give your love to your lovely friends.
You will have a merry time trend.

World is giving all that you need.
Thank him often and try to think
fall is only your start of flight.
Take it easy and you will be right.