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Genres: Classical, Jazz, Oldies
Joined: 9 Jul, 2021
Country: United Kingdom
Charges for services: No


What's shakin'? Yulie Dann, ole time Jazz, Blues and Classical-fusion piano-player here looking for any possible collaborations in London with singer/songwriter/lyricists. I'm a lover of poetic lyrics, stories and universal human truths set to a catchy melody. Maybe we can build a songbook? If you've got retro tastes also, and feel like bringing it back to the mainstream with a smash hit, don't hesitate - I'll strike up a band while your ink's still wet on the page! May the 20's roar again!

Dreams and ambitions:
Let's craft some tunes that will stand the test of time! No matter what I do or wherever I go, you WILL always be credited as a collaborative partner with royalties split down the centre. An inspiring working relationship, 50% ownership and referrals to future industry professionals guaranteed.