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Genres: Hip-hop, Pop, Rap
Joined: 29 Mar, 2021
Charges for services: No

I am a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I am a composer/producer looking for lyrics to be sung over my music.

I am a Producer/Songwriter/Composer who is a musician who has played guitar for 20 years. Also play some drums and keyboard. I have a high quality home studio and have the ability to quickly create a complete song (I can also sing pretty decent, so can quickly do the male vocals). Recently I am able to live without a full time job and can dedicate all my time to create music. I have been developing my music production and songwriting skills for the past 20 years but not full time. My main weakness has been writing lyrics, so I am seeking to work with lyricist to co-write songs. Currently I am focusing on Pop and Hip Hop. I also make Hip-Hop/Rap beats and am looking for Hip-Hop/Rap lyrics, which seems very hard to find.... I also want to work with rappers, who can use my beats.

Dreams and ambitions:
Currently I am a full-time Producer/Songwriter/Composer. I am very dedicated and focused. My goal is to write as many good quality songs as possible and be successful as a songwriter. My other goal is to be a Hip-Hop/Rap producer. I can produce beats very quickly and can also rap on top of the beats to create ideas (I am not officially a rapper but I can help the rapper create raps creatively). I plan to work with lots of rappers and sell and lease my beats. I am very focused and hard worker and have been successful in my other career (Software/Computer/Electrical Engineering in which I am not involved anymore, right now I am a fulltime musician)