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Rob Dods

Rob is a:

Member ID: M279131
Genres: Hip-hop, Pop, Rap
Joined: 30 Dec, 2021
City: Kanata
Country: Canada
Looking For: Songwriters
Collaboration Goals: Independent release, Sync placement
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: $40 per hour
Experience: Beginner

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I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

Through memorizing poetry to ward off depression, I discovered my brain resonates with the rhythm and rhyme of prose, so I started to pen some poems and songs of my own. I subsequently discovered Hamilton and In The Heights, which, in a case of happenstance, introduced me to a world of assonance (see what I did there?) and multi-line rhymes and led me down a rabbit hole of show tunes, from which I have yet to climb out. I enjoy writing lyrics and poetry and my midlife crisis fantasy is to write my own mini-musical. Check out my portfolio: https://romado33.wixsite.com/lyricalconspiracist

Dreams and ambitions:
My very long-term dream is to write the lyrics for my own mini-musical. Maybe 10 to 12 songs, 90 minutes in duration. If you are interested, I can tell you more.