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Professional guitarist and violinist, also can hold my own ground on bass and mandolin. Graduating with BA in Music. Looking to have fun and add something special to your music and create something cool. All this is for free until further notice. Looking to get my chops back up to par after being sick for a while. My influences for guitar range from SRV, Plini, Metallica, Jason Becker, Tommy Emmanuel, etc. My songwriting influences range from Chris Cornell, Jewel, Dave Matthews, Punch Brothers, Becca Stevens, Madison Cunningham, and on the flipside of genres... Lamb of God, Muse, Alter Bridge, Slash, etc. All together, I'm a consumer of all kinds of music, love writing and doing stuff that isn't commonly in main stream whether that's breaking the Verse Chorus Structure of a song, using new and changing harmonies, and experimenting with different colors. Lets make something cool!!

Dreams and ambitions:
Didnt see this part before I did the above haha. Lets make something fun, different, and cool! Would love to work with gifted poets/lyricists to create beautiful music from it!