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Member ID: M241636
Genres: Pop, Techno
Joined: 30 Jul, 2021
Country: Thailand
Charges for services: No

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Hello, my name is Kafuuchinon. I am a beginner lyricist! I have an interest in Anisong, Jpop, and also Vocaloid. I have been trying to compose my song, but I am bad at technology so it’s a no go for me. Currently, I am practicing on writing lyrics (mostly end up in my own native). I want to meet people that can compose a song and have the same interests as me. I hope we can get along!

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to meet good people that are passionate in making songs.

Sample lyrics:

Waving goodbye with a smile
Our voices echo with laughter.
I act bright and cheerful.
but in reality
Continue wearing masks and hide my real feelings
My life is full of lies

My smile is there so nobody worries about me.
My laughter is there to cover the sobs in my heart
I can't be like a sunflower that shines as everyone wants.
I can’t be as bright as a guiding light 
In my mind, it is full of gloomy sky
In my head, there is only the sound of the raging rain.

Sorry for lying that I am fine.
I'm sorry that I can only say I am fine.
Sorry to make you think that I am fine.
Sorry for not being able to tell the truth.