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Hi I'm a lyricist/singer who was in a classic rock band as lead vocalist for over 15 years. I'm originally born & raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i but have lived in SE Georgia since the beginning of 2019. I have over 75 lyrics written most of them complete. Only a couple handfuls of the complete lyrics have had music composed for them. I also dabble in making music videos. While a student at the University of Hawai'i in a Media Production class for my final project I wrote the lyrics for "Bring The Children Home" & recorded the song with my band professionally. I then directed, story boarded the concept, acted, edited and compiled the final video. I received an A+ for the project as well my teacher entered my video in the statewide Hawai'i Student Video & Film Festival. I received 3 awards for the video: The People's Choice Award (statewide voted best video of all), 1st Place Music Award as well as an internship working on a local TV show. The song about the missing children of America & the world was gifted to the Chidlfind Project for their use as a public service announcement.

Dreams and ambitions:
With a huge list of lyrics (75+) I am seeking a composer who plays either guitar, keybrads or bass or all to help get the music for my lyrics. I have been told many times over that I have a gift for writing lyrics & poems, not to sound conceited or anything but I do tend to agree with them. I am inspired by classic rock & blues and told I do excellent Elvis, Jim Morrison, Beatles, etc. I admit to being a ballad man but I have covered many an act from Beatles to Pink Floyd to Led Zep. Though I do want to form a band or duo I am also open to just finding a writing partner for material for other performers as well.

Sample lyrics:

This was published in a 2004 book of poetry named The Leaves of Spring if I recall correctly

By Craig C. Turner
© Copyright 1986

Illusions of grandeur float through my mind,
Fills it with wonder of things yet to find.
The blue of fantasy, the ultimate of extremes.
Escapes for a moment...............
But is captured in dreams! 

An inescapable theory of life & it's true love.
A tale of preying hawks upon a peaceful dove.
Now the looking glass lies shattered upon the naked beach
The image it once held...............
Now far beyond my reach!