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Isyyes Keidar

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Member ID: M236631
Genres: Classical, Rock
Joined: 13 Jul, 2021
Country: Portugal
Charges for services: No

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I'm a self trained, self driven independent songwriter who writes power songs, spiritually driven cross over songs combining rock and classical elements. These songs require a rich voice. the songs seem to have a commercial feel to them, think 'nights in white satin, and catchy melodies, chances of success are high.

Dreams and ambitions:
Seeking trained singers, familiar with bel canto, seeking piano professionals, seeking producers and publishers, to produce a high quality demo to be presented to top singers. All of this will be done at zero cost to everyone, through internet communication. i will share the 50% publishing share of future profits between all involved. there is nothing to loose and everything to gain. Independent music making at its best!


Come Ready and See Me by Hundley

Uploaded July 13, 2021

A very loved art song by Richard Hundely. the voice is mine. my voice is ok, but am looking for better ones for my own songs.

Chased by a Man Intro

Uploaded July 13, 2021

A native American power song, with a flute, drums and special effects intro.

Eli, arrangmnet by Isyyes

Uploaded July 13, 2021

Famous Hebrew folk song by Zehavi/Senech, usually very slow and sad. here I try a strong arrangement with a sense of mystery, and suspense.

Empty Evening part 1

Uploaded July 13, 2021

An instrumental, part of a larger work

Feel For you Intro

Uploaded July 13, 2021

A dramatic church organ introduction to a classical spiritual hymn, set to a rock arrangement.

Sample lyrics:

Opening verse of my song: For the Dead (2018):
There's a Light we all see in the distance
There's a thought that we all have to share
For our lives we can loose in an nce
In the moment we all
 take the dare.