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Genres: Jazz, Pop, R&B
Joined: 28 May, 2021
Charges for services: No

I am a singer who writes songs. I am looking for musicians/composers/producers to help complete my songs.
I am a singer who doesn't write songs, but would love to sing on those written by others.

Hello, I am a singer who has been singing professionally since the mid 90's. Music has always been my therapy and passion and its helped me thru alot of tough times. I would say Im a late bloomer when it comes to performing as I didnt really persue my passion till my late 20's. As a kid I grew up in the church and sang in choirs, took piano lessons as a kid. My brother played in a band all thru my childhood and is a professional bass player. As an adult Ive always had to have a musical outlet so I joined many choirs and after college on a whim, I signed up for a jazz performance workshop at Seattle Central Community College. My first actual "solo"performance was at the Broadway Performance Hall where I did a rendition of an Ella Fitzgerald classic called "Black Coffee" from then on I was hooked and started to take more jazz classes at Cornish college of the Arts and Seattle Central Community College. I did many vocal open mics during this time and actually had my first professional gig in 1996 and have been a working vocalist and band leader ever since. Ive performed in many restaurants, bars and festivals and still performing to this day with my bossanova soul band or my small Jazz Trio. I am looking to collaborate with a songwriter/composer. I have been compared to Karen Carpenter, Sade, Swing out Sister and can swing like Ella! I grew up with all genres of music from rock, soul, R&B, latin jazz, bossanova and straight ahead jazz standards. I am looking for someone who can take my voice and focus on my strengths and style. If this is you, Id love to meet you!

Dreams and ambitions:
My goal is to record and release original music by the end of 2021. I also have been asked by many to do a Christmas album. I feel music can be a platform for me to make a difference in this world and provide a message thru song. I want to collaborate with someone who can use my voice and write songs, compose and arrange songs that will complement it, fit my range and jazzy soulful style. One that comes to mind is Richard Carpenter. He was a very talented composer, arranger and songwriter. Songs that have heart and a message is my goal.