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Christopher Rodriguez

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Member ID: M249973
Genres: Electronic, Hip-hop, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock
Joined: 26 Aug, 2021
Country: United States
Looking For: Lyricists, Songwriters, Producers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Independent release
Charges for services: No
Experience: Intermediate

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I'm a singer who doesn't write songs, but would love to sing on those written by others.

Hi, I'm 28 y/o and a husband and father. I'm a vocalist and have been in a few bands through the years but sadly the dedication of members dropped leading to splits. I like different styles of music from Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin style rock to more metal styles like Asking Alexandria and Killswitch Engage, Chris Brown/Usher r&b/hip-hop style, rap styles like Eminem/Joyner/Dax, I also like electronic track styles (ex. Ingrosso & Alesso - Calling)

Dreams and ambitions:
My ambition is to become a full on artist and perform, being a vocalist has always been my dream but I havent reach a lyrical level that im content with to demonstrate my vocals. Im looking for a lyricist/songwriter whose words resonate and are relatable to fuel the emotion im looking to put behind them. If you have songs ready feel free to message me with any sample of it and any ideas on how you imagine the vocals sounding, if we feel everythings a good match then the sky is the limit.