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Philip Lewis

Joined: 17 Jun, 2016
Charges for services: No


Lyricist metal all genres.

Sample lyrics:


water wet with sweat
salty bitter snow
ice cream screams aloud
colder than cold steam

sight inside a window
glowing light in the dark
black as night in the evening
dark shadows shade of doubt

burning heat so hot
fire of the flame
object of desire
lusting for you again

flesh living flesh of you
smell the scent of skin
touch your body true
shape of you within

colder than the heat
burning ice frozen
so cold and callous
freezing and numb

no mercy for the merciful
like fire and ice
feelings melting matter
boiling water is here

bodies in the bar
people after dark
they always look away
in the conner of my eye

is this just a game
why am i ashamed

my lust keeps me going
how am i gonna score
no sex before marriage
and i need something more