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Genres: Country, Electronic, Hip-hop, Indie, Jazz, K-pop, Metal, Oldies, Pop, Rap, R&B, Rock, Techno
Joined: 10 Nov, 2020
Country: United States
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: $15 per hour

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I am a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.

I have been songwriting for many years. music is a natural skill for me. I am a skilled songwriter and have written for a few unsigned artist and even help them with their melodies and flow. My genres are: -RnB, Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap /anything wavy and melodic. I'm also versatile i can mix rap with pop , country with pop/rap/ RNB and so on :Lyricist :Composer :Musician

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream(s) is to help artist bring their ideas into existence. whether that is helping then build their craft to reach their dreams also. i remember coming up beat-boxing with my mouth. in todays modern i can turn those into actual instruments using software . I Am driven to achieve my goal , same goes for anyone who has a set goal they'd want to accomplish.


Young Thug

Uploaded July 18, 2021

Sample lyrics:

I want this forever

we on a whole nother level

when it comes to sexing

we do it better

like no one else can doooo

your someone special

give me the best feeling ever

loyal like a shepherd

hold it down however