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Genres: Country, Electronic, Oldies, Pop, Rap, R&B, Rock, Techno
Joined: 3 Jun, 2021
Charges for services: No

I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.
I am a singer who writes songs. I am looking for musicians/composers/producers to help complete my songs.

Hi my name is kbdevotion Singer and lyricist.. I've been writing since 11, poems before that .. I write when ever an idea pops in my head I've written songs about divorce,marriage,becoming a star on stage,Christmas songs ,Lamborghini Even coca cola and it's still in a safe at McCann and ericson in london ..i just write what comes to mind and work on it until perfect .. I set my self challenges like when I had my lunch I was in my 20s I sat outside it was a beautiful day and closed my eyes and what ever I saw when I opened them I'd write about so I saw a warning sign saying keep clear stand back ..so I wrote warning sign the song .. I had the honour one day to push a guy in a wheel chair on remembrance day to the epitaph...what I didnt know was this old gentleman was a real war hero he had medals and one was the Victoria cross he was sas ...so I went back home and wrote field of glory in his honour ... My 4 songs I've had music done to Have had a huge following around the world which I was completely blown away with all the emails I recieved and messages ... I'm 51 now yes I'm trying to learn DAW (cakewalk )but it's taking time and time waits for know one .. I want to work with someone who cant write lyrics but comes up with tunes in there heads every day ..who writes to the feel of the song not to guidelines... Who's willing to listen to how I wrote the lyrics and the tune fits the words so many people change the song completely to fit there music I want someone who thinks out the box can play country rock ,edm ,ballads ,rock ,just about anything ... And can listen to my tune and do there magic ...

Dreams and ambitions:
My dreams and ambitions is to write new lyrics and songs that people can relate to from my experiences in life .. I want to sell the songs and make a living so I can finally live my dream and write lyrics and not work 60 hour shifts .. I'm not famous except in texas I guess but I love with a passion writing it's my one thing I do so natural and I still dont understand where this gift came from .. I'd like to be working with people to write for other people tv etc .. I dont even know if its possible to earn a real living writting songs ... Anyway I'm on n1m and sound cloud under my name kbdevotion... I also have one song with lyrics on utube .. If anyone is willing to be patient and understands how I create lyrics then please send demo of work you've done I will listen and get back to you .. THIS IS SOMETHING I WANT TO DO PRO SOMEDAY .. GET IN TOUCH MUSICIANS,AND DAW EXPERTS LETS GIVE THE WORLD THE SONGS IT DESERVES ....KINDEST REGARDS KBDEVOTION...



Uploaded June 3, 2021

Wedding song I wrote to walk down the isle too ...

Sample lyrics:

Roll the dice 
Take your turn 
Some of us crash 
And baby 
Some of us burn 

Lifes not easy 
Never said it would 
Lifes not easy 
Especially with me ....