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Zaid Mahmood

Zaid is a:

Member ID: M279539
Genres: Electronic, K-pop, Pop, Techno
Joined: 31 Dec, 2021
City: hicksville/new york
Country: United States
Looking For: Songwriters, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Independent release, Publishing deal, Sync placement
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: $25 per day
Experience: Intermediate

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Im a new york born songwriter-and singer(coming soon)lol ive used social media as a platform to spread my music ive writeen My socials below- Instagram-@zaidmahmoodny

Dreams and ambitions:
I would love to get signed to a record label soon cause i wanna be a musician and a lot of deals come thru social media and i have a big following on my socials ig-@zaidmahmoodny I've always wanted to start my own foundation with the money i get by doing this to help the kids who suffer from diseases

Sample lyrics:

Wish i loved u back then,yeah,back then when u didnt have so many fake friends,when u were dying in the ditch with those late ends