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Genres: Hip-hop, Pop, Rap, R&B
Joined: 8 Dec, 2020
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My name is Destiny I Love to Rap & Sing I'm born February13th I'm born in Detroit, MI I'm a Aquarius My favorite Color's are Red & Purple My Celebrity Crush is Layton Greene

Dreams and ambitions:
I want this song to be all about me wanting to be a rapper and wanting to dig deeper into the music industry. I'm Aquarius. I want to write this song so I can give the idea to people how bad I want to be a Singer and A Rapper. I also want to dig deeper into the music industry. Because, I want to live a better life. and Make my Family smile, and show them, I can do better in life, and I can't try to improve myself in the future.

Sample lyrics:

I'm tryna be up there with them other rappers, I ain't tryna stay down with them other lacker's, 
When do I stop feeling ashamed of wanting to be a rapper ,
I dreamed of being the First African American Female President and being in the Navy, but Some people think I sound crazy, at least I ain't being lazy.