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Hi!!!! My name is Ekude pronounced eh koo deh and i am a muic lover of all variety and genres. My parents are originally West African natives so i am also loving my cultual background and their style of music as well which comes in so many styles...Makossa, Mapouka, Rhumba, and Soukus to name a few styles. I am interested in developing my sound as i like to write poetry as well as short stories. I am interested in independent work and working with people that share in the passion for sound and music and the joy and myriad of feelings it brings to life. I am interested in working on a few small projects with other local and talented creative individuals and as well doing as a short term goal a demo in order to have a starting point for myself. I enjoy all kinds of sounds and enjoy all rythemns pop, alternative rock reggae, rap r & b, and the list is endless. Please feel free to reach out to me from wherever in the world you may be near or far is welcomed. Thank you and god bless

Dreams and ambitions:
Music is the food to life. It is what connects us as one. I come from a musical background as my parents enjoy singing as well as my brothers. I grew up watching so much creativity in the form of lyricism/chanting/instrumentals and began my poetry writing at the age of 14. Music to m connects me to my spiritul being and conveys how i am feeling, what i experience in my life situations, how i relat to the world and people,. We are naturlly all one and as such i like all music that is authentic, catchy, tells a story,,I like to think of myelf as a free thinker and most of the times when i do writing i am conveying not just from personal experiences but as well write from the things that hapen to us as human beings. We go through so many different trials, struggles, and challenges, and often times we get lost, hurt, confused, or soetimes feel betrayed rejected. or a myriad of other things. I always look at the bright side of life that whatever it is we experience that we can always lean on the lord for our support and guidance. I am grateful that i have good people in my life parents and friends who believe in my dreams and are just as excited to be a part of the journey with me as i embark on my goals to produce, write, and make songs.

Sample lyrics:

I gotta dream to make art/ follow my dreams i was taught/ right from the very beginning/carried a flame in my heart/now is my time to get busy/come closer if you feel the spark/pverstand lyrically its a rushgotta give it pren yes thats a must/stretch my arms open like a bird and fly/ Ignite the P in passion thats pt of I/  In the circle of knowledge and self respect/trying to knock me down no room to disrespect/any obstacles thrown at me imma choke it/cuz my pockets is growlin like they ferocious/gotta twin call her my deepest treasures they make me smile/through the thick and the thin how we hold it down/

the ret of this is all written down in lyrics but have not yet been pt toghether to a song, or it has not been mixed, edited, has no beat yet for it, this was just written on my napkin a few weeks ago.