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Andy Andy

Andy is a:

Member ID: M26608
Genres: Electronic, Pop, Rap, Rock, Techno
Joined: 25 Oct, 2021
City: Hemet
Country: United States
Looking For: Lyricists, Songwriters, Musicians, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Independent release, Publishing deal, Fun
Charges for services: No
Successful Collaborations: 1
Experience: Intermediate

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Hey, What's Up? Despite "identifying" myself as a song writer/producer which while I still do actively, the truth is that I'm a digital artist/animator and been doing it for around 7 years at this point... you may be wondering why on earth would I be on this website then, well I'm sure many people heard of virtual bands and how influential they can be... nothing grabs people's attention more than a cartoon wouldn't you say? Everyone's used to bands rocking up in their silly costumes or pretty faces... people want to see something new and invigorating which is why virtual bands like the Gorrilaz managed to stay popular even after all this time... the characters they made are both unique and endearing making you feel like each song is telling a story about them or their troubles, aswell as being...well... easily marketable. Well... that's all I really have to say... after all I'm an Artist not really a music maker cant do this solo! Regardless of your talent... whether it be singing or mixing music feel free to reach out to me because if you think you suck trust me I'm way worse. Also for better communication contact my email or discord U JELLIN#0808

Dreams and ambitions:
To make shitty cartoons and have a goddamn blast doing it!