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Joined: 25 Dec, 2020
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I'm an upcoming Artist. Lyricist, Singer-songwriter and Composer. I'm availing my self to any Artist in need of a Songwriter. I'm willing to write up to 12 Songs for your Album. Alternatively, I can compose in three different languages. So, if you are working on a project and need, HOT, FRESH & EAR-CATCHING, melodies. I'm your man. Cheers/Au revoir/Gracias!

Dreams and ambitions:
It's your boy, Antoine Wonders. Yes, I do bring wonders to my work of art. You heard RIGHT!; I have been singing and writing ever since I was 12. I have written to many heavyweights of the music industry, around the World. FUTURE I'm now working full-time on my music. I'm embracing this challenging profission wholeheartedly. I'm a multi-facet Artist. I am more inclined to classic old-school music. I'm working hard and hope to release my much anticipated Single very soon. PREFERANCES My favorites Artists are: Mj/Prince" The Artist"/Bob Womack/ Teddy Pendigrass,/Whitney Houston/ Maxwell/Steve Wonder/Fred Jackson/Cindy Lauper/Sam Cook/Adele/George Benson/Beyoncé/Dion Warwick/Music/John Legend/Tupac Shakur/Bone M.