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Genres: Country, Pop, Rock
Joined: 27 Nov, 2020
Charges for services: Yes

I am a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I'm a middle aged man that has been writing for songs for most my life . My style is a mix of country , rock , and blues . I was inspired by the Beatles , and other pop , rock legends of their time ; also Motown , and the likes of Cat Stevens , James Taylor and many more singer songwriters . When I write I have the music in my head and pencil just flows . I amble to write almost any style , with or without listening to their music .

Dreams and ambitions:
My hopes and dreams are to finally have my songs sung and performed by those that can give justice to them . Most of my songs are pieces of my life , or deep messages to the world of healing .

Sample lyrics:

                        Souls in between

                       Souls in between 

                     Souls in between
                    Hell and me
                   And what they 
                  Wish they 
                  Could be