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Hello. My name is Dimitri. I am from the US. One of my goals is to be a lyricist. I'm not very good at instrumentation. however. I hope that I can contact those who have instrumental skills who would be willing to work with my lyrics. Thank you :)

Sample lyrics:

Excerpt from a song titled "Trooth":

I have grown up believing grass was green.
But I have since learned it’s actually somewhere in between
Pink and non-existent.
I have grown up believing the sky was blue.
But I’ve since learned that wasn’t true.
Its colour is inconsistent.
And I don’t want charity.
I just want clarity.
Is it such a rarity
To simply want verity?
I just wanna know what’s real and what’s not.
I just wanna know if these are my own thoughts.
I just wanna know the facts
I’m tired of the fixed abstracts.
I’m done with social contracts of ignorance.

Excerpt from a song titled "12 Years at Sea":

12 years at sea,
Behind me.
I finally reach the shore.
I step on the grass,
And I fall on my ass,
Not sure what I got kicked off for.
They just threw me off ship
And said, “Go get a grip”
I swam until I touched the sand.
And once I arrived,
I finally realised:
I don’t know how to live on the land.