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Member ID: M248840
Genres: Electronic, Hip-hop, Pop, Rap
Joined: 24 Aug, 2021
Country: India
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: $50 per day

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Hello, I am a Lyricist, Songwriter, Singer and Rapper. I can write songs that can touch people's hearts and make their mind go crazy. I can write according to your requirements.

Dreams and ambitions:
Through my creativity in music, I just want to be forever in people's hearts...My songs may become part of their lives...they can relate with me & my songs...I don't want fans or followers, I just want a Global Family in which we can share & respect each other's feelings, opinions and experiences, I love them and they love me back...that's it...

Sample lyrics:

Why should i live in the world,
where you dont love me...
where you dont talk to me..
where you dont care for me.. 
where you can't forgive me once.. 
where I am nothing for you.. 
where you're away from me.. 
where your eyes dont even see my face..
where your lips dont even take my name..
where you smile on my pain..
where u want to forget my face..
where i can't talk to you.. 
where i can't walk with you..

But I have not yet stop trying... 
and one day i will make u mine.