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Kenny Price

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Member ID: M260040
Genres: Country, Indie, Rock
Joined: 29 Sep, 2021
Country: United States
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I sing, play guitar, bass, some drums and keys. I have a studio in my house (as I’m sure most musicians do these days). I own my own land surveying business that keeps me very busy most of the time. Sometimes late at night I will sit in my studio and record full productions of cover songs. I would like to record some original music, but I am not a good lyricist. I come up with music pretty much all the time, but I just can’t write lyrics for any of it. Would like to find a good lyricist who could give me a song, with or without a demo, to let me create a full production of my interpretation.

Dreams and ambitions:
I would like to produce some good songs possibly for licensing in commercials, movies, and TV.