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I'm a poet and songwriter. I write nearly all genres; and I write only hits and singles. While I publish some of my songs, I also write songs for recording artists.

Dreams and ambitions:
I'm a full-time songwriter and composer who mainly writes songs for recording artists to record. I write only singles and hits, and I write mainly the genres of pop, Edm, electro, regeaton,dance, and rnb.

Sample lyrics:

Standing at the motor park
Waiting for the bus to come
So I'd go back home
And rest from all that I've worked
After sometime
Saw a pretty young lady
Starring so strong at me
As if there's something wrong
I want to know what is on your mind
I want to know what you want from me
I want o know what is going on
I want to know if you love me

When the bus finally come
I now clambered inside
And took my own seat on board
Suddenly I saw this same lady
Still starring so strong at me
As if there's something wrong

On the way I was lost in thoughts 
Thinking how nice my home would be
And each time That I turned my head
I'd find her eyes still on me
In a way that I wonder
Whether there's something wrong
           CHORUS X2