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James Slater

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Genres: Country, Indie, Oldies, Rock
Joined: 1 Oct, 2021
Country: United States
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I am a terrible musician. Now, considering Dave Grohl has also said he is a terrible guitar player, you might think I am overstating my skills but don't let that fool you. I can barely play a few bars before my fingers start mimicking the tentacle movements of the death throes of a colossal squid across my fretboard. Now that that is out of the way, I'm 48 years old. I grew up banging on an old double row Hammond Organ. I wanted to take Piano lessons when I was a kid, but the only teacher locally taught violin. That didn't last long but the pattern continued. I picked up Bass in '93 and set it down a few years later. I got a couple band invites early on. I switched to keys and everything went into the closet for a year when I needed room for my kid to be online for school all day during the pandemic. Because of the space issue , I switched to guitar over the last year. I mostly play a 6 string acoustic, but switch over to a 12 string or electric when it is warranted. Lately I've been alternating between learning Wish You Were Here, Sultans of Swing, and Dust in the Wind. What I have discovered is that I am good at writing sketches,concepts, riffs, hooks, intros, etc. but not whole songs. I have an embarrassingly bad lyrical writing skill. It's so bad, this bio would make a better lyric than anything I ever set out to write intentionally. It's so bad, that actually sounds like a good idea. If you are imagining what it would sound like to hear "colossal squid tentacles" sung over an acoustic guitar you have a truly twisted mind. In all seriousness, I do have an "ear" for music (two actually). I'm just really bad at putting things together, and finishing anything. What I write is probably more suited to rock in the the 60's to 80's, before everything was a click track. I like writing things that vary melodically and have room to breathe and let you reflect on what notes decay in the reverb. - James

Dreams and ambitions:
Ideally, I want to write songs that make the hair on my head stand up and roll in waves down to my toes. I'd like to find someone in the Las Vegas/Henderson area to write and jam with that is good at putting things together. Possibly recording a few things and licensing them out for people to use in streaming video or the like. Nothing too ambitious. I'm too much of a home body to go on the road. I just want to make music that I would connect to as a listener. Dyads and implied chords are fascinating me for some reason at the moment. I uploaded an old recording taken on a cellphone from 2012. It's not that great, however I do like it and it was a one off. I just sat down one day to mess about after playing for about 6 months and started recording in case anything came out that I wanted to expand on later. I never did get around to doing anything with it... The question is, what could I create with a good partner?