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Joined: 15 Feb, 2020
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Lyricist, Some Vocals, I'm extremely eager to work with any composers out there as I really think I have a gift. Wasn't easily obtained, throughout my life I have always wrote excerpts here and there. But always thought it folly. Who could actually make a living doing this? I thought. The odds as likely as the Powerball. In time I came to realize my gift wasnt going away and I became more polished. If you would like a sample I would be more than happy to oblige. Just send me a message and I will get back with you asap!

Dreams and ambitions:
First and foremost I have a lot to say and my dream is to have a vast audience one day that cares. My lifelong side dream might be hard for some to understand. I would like a seat at the table where the game of life is played. I understand I may never get there but you should never stop dreaming.

Sample lyrics:

Hmm, I dont have anything prepared so I will take a moment and give you something raw and fresh.  Title : " Tell me what's real " - tell me what it's like? Wouldn't you? On the other side of green. Where you are always seen, doesnt matter if you have that status quo(lean) type of figure, a place where you dont have to keep one on the trigger. In case a onetime come up thinks he has it(wigger)Must be nice, could you give me some advice? I often struggle with a vice. Just to make it to tomorrow. Weighed down by constant sorrow. I promise to only borrow from the other side of green.