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Top Billboard Charted Hit Record producer/Hit Songwriter

Dreams and ambitions:
Most have been fulfilled already... I'd say that one of my biggest dreams was to perform one of our band's hits at New York's Madison Square Garden. We certainly got to live that dream so far... I can still hear the sold-out crowd singing ''' Object of My Desire...baby you light my...." That was actually after we did the Westwood-One "live" Simulcast when we headlined The Apollo in New York... and that was after we did The Beacon...

Sample lyrics:

Here we are standing at this throne
We've made up our minds forever
And there goes that old familiar tune 
They're playing for us darling

Suddenly there are no more questions in our minds
And no matter what should happen now
Just remember

Never Say I Do
If you don't mean it
Cuz love should last a lifetime
So you've got to mean it
Never Say I Do if you don't mean it

Excerpts from my 1st Top Hit... It peaked at #7 my first time out... No... My 2nd time out, in fact. My 1st time out was on a Columbia Records album called "Class" recorded by the late Otis Redding's sons when they had the group "The Reddings."

Love Is Over was my first official music publishing deal.