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Aideen Rose King (ARK)

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Genres: Country, Indie, Oldies, Pop, Rock
Joined: 30 Jan, 2020
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I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

As music bio's go - mine is very short for my age (50). I write lyrics - it was a love of mine in my teens and early twenties and I returned to it several years ago. I paid a few people to turn my words into songs to make it real, to see what could be possible from page to production. They were a learning curve. Going forward I hope to find collaborators who want to bring out the best in each other and co-create memorable song(s) - relatable songs. Last year, my lyrics were a finalist in their category of the UK Songwriting Contest. That's pretty much it, bio-wise but my love and passion for songs is immeasurable.

Dreams and ambitions:
As a lyricist, I am happy behind the scenes. My ambition is to find songwriters, composers, musicians, and artists to work with; share ideas and co-create great songs. It would be amazing to hear a song that I wrote the words to, that I had a part in. Amazing doesn't cut it, it'd be more like walking on air. I am very realistic in my ambitions; already understanding how hard the music industry is but I will continue to reach out to similar-minded music folk and dream big.