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If you are interested in musical theatre, particularly the classics from Phantom to Les Miserables, and are interested in providing the musical accompaniment to pre-written lyrics with the ultimate ambition of pitching our project for production, but mostly having some fun working together - then this could be for you. I am a lyricist looking for collaborators to produce the musical score and recorded vocals (and potential musical accompaniment) for an original musical theatre piece titled ‘Masquerade’, this is a musical set in three parts, with a historical Italian setting (but entirely English lyrics) loosely based on the Borgias. It follows a young woman, Caterina, trying to find out the truth about a child who she believes was lost, but has in fact been taken by the church and his father who will become Pope. It is set in two periods of her life, from our heroine’s desperate beginnings to her victory over a corrupt dynasty of Popes. Through a combination of schemes and grit she overcomes the three comical ‘Fathers’ who are secretly pulling the strings. The musical is set to approximately 50 lyrical sections with small amounts of standard dialogue in between and is more akin to a ‘Les Miserables’ style than a ‘Hamilton’ or ‘Rent’ but I am highly flexible to working on the structure and lyrics if this was of interest. In the first instance I would be interested in producing a sample of 2-3 songs, ideally with a proper musical score and vocals with the aim of partnering with you and seeking wider commercial interest in slower time. This is a passion project rather than a full time job, so it would be ideal if you had similar interests. Please do reach out if this would be of any interest to you!

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I just heard one of my song lyrics put to music. It is simply a thrill to hear someone else sing my words. Thank you for providing this valuable service to support the creative arts all around the world!
- David M. Murray, Providence, Rhode Island

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