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Young female singer

POSTED ON 28 MAY, 2021
By Makayla

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EXPIRES 28 AUG, 2021

Artist and songwriter, looking for

“Hi musical geniuses, I'm here looking for anyone who loves to write lyrics but just needs a melody for it and maybe a singer because if you are than I'm your gal. I looking for lyrics that a listener can relate to in way and maybe throw in a bit of metaphors in mix. I have written some songs but there not as good as I wanted them to be, so I would love it if someone could give me pointers on that but I have a bunch of music just waiting to be spice up with words:)”

More details

I really want to become a music entertainer like performing for shows and concerts, but I really need help to start this career. I have always had a passion to sing and dance but it is really hard to perform if I don't have any original new music for the audience to listen to. If you feel the same the way and think I am a good fit for you then we should totally collaborate. I'd love to work with more creative minds. I've written three songs but I don't know if they are as good as the professionals but hopefully you guys can give me some tips on it.

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